AI-powered Recruiting: A Huge Step Forward for Client Success!


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Because of their vast experience with executive search, we asked The Sutton Group to discuss why they chose AI recruiting technology to help discover, target, and engage with quality talent.

A Huge Step Forward for Client Success!
Author: Kevin Sutton

We have taken an enormous step forward to add to our clients’ success and have invested heavily in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Most will say, “what’s that, or so what?”

It is a big deal, a huge deal! Here’s why.

In today’s hiring environment what is the biggest issue? It is finding qualified people for almost any positions. Why? The CEO of a large corporation and a long-term client told me recently, “The number one issue a company faces is an open position. It causes too many problems the longer it is open.”

Most search firms (and companies) seek people from some sort of database whether their own, one they subscribe to or have access to for potential candidates. Or, an online ad which is like playing the lottery. None of the data they access can narrow the qualifications of the individual to the position other than by a few keywords which are somewhat cumbersome. Sure, they may make cursory inquiries and talk with the candidate but then send their client the resume (if and when they find something that looks plausible) and hope for the best. Their clients hope for the best too. Clients don’t have much confidence in that approach, never have. And, with 7.1 million open positions and very few qualified candidates, it doesn’t take much for the confidence they do have to fade quickly. It is a very inefficient and “messy” process.

Our already robust process has served our clients well, and you can see that by our numbers. We wanted to shorten the time from the search initiation to the presentation of the candidate our clients hire. And, make that happen in this challenging hiring environment. With the implementation of AI, we have accomplished that. Not a database search but enormous amounts of all kinds of pertinent and useful data used by artificial intelligence to sift through, identify, match, and provide detailed information about individuals. The information is voluminous; we narrow it down quickly, interact with the potential candidates through our process and provide the right person for our client. The number of people seeking a position is irrelevant to us. Databases do not contain the type of information, the up to date information nor the numbers of people to be sorted that artificial intelligence utilizes.

We identify more people, more closely aligned with what our client seeks, further refine the number of people with our process and provide the right people faster to our clients. We are not taking days off the length of a search but weeks in most cases.

It allows clients to step into the 21st century with technology and human interaction that continues to provide the right people further increases the speed of identifying the right person and finishes the search sooner.

To learn more about The Sutton Group’s journey to AI, please download their Case Study.

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