A Client’s Journey: Right Place, Right Time, Right Recruiting Platform


We asked recruiting expert, Veronica Jenkins, co-founder and Head of Global Talent at Hive Talent Acquisition Firm to share firsthand their discovery to AI-powered recruiting and provide examples of how unique talent acquisition and retention insights has helped them best serve their clients.

A Step Further for Our Clients
Author: Veronica Jenkins, Head of Global Talent, HIVE Talent Acquisition Firm LLC.

When Dana and I started HIVE Talent Acquisition Firm in November 2017, we knew that we were going to do everything possible to ensure that our client and candidate experiences were our top priority. Dana comes from a corporate background of recruiting for c-level executive and partner level attorneys, and I come from a background of agency recruitment – fast paced, high-volume recruiting for everything from entry-level to C-level roles.

We wanted to take our HR experience and put the focus back on the people. As discussions continued between us on how to best do that while ensuring we were generating revenue, we were pleased to meet our office mates at the time, ENGAGE Talent. We had never heard of them before but were quite intrigued by the fact that the person approaching us was a former Sr. Recruiter. When I saw the first demo of ENGAGE Talent, I was blown away. I immediately saw how leveraging the tools and data points within the system would quickly put us leagues above our competition as well as make our work for our clients more inclusive and pertinent. 

Fast forward over a year later, we have completed nation-wide searches for roles of every level within Civil Engineering, Sales and Customer Service based roles. We are also able to complete micro compensation studies for our start-up clientele that have no idea what to pay their employees. Because of ENGAGE Talent’s ever-evolving improvements and updates, we use the platform daily as a team. As Head of Global Talent, I can instantly review the efficacy of our business development campaigns and tailor our KPIs and metrics accordingly. I am also able to make recommendations to potential clients that might benefit from our services based on alerts that I receive in my inbox. We set these alerts up weekly inside the ENGAGE platform, and I look forward to reviewing that email every morning between 7-8 AM.   

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly turnaround requisition requests for our clients with candidates that are in direct alignment with the requirements of their job descriptions. Also, because we can see where companies tend to lose staff (to competitors, etc.), we can better educate our clients during the consultation process. 

We have successfully helped clients dial in and increase retention because of the knowledge we have shared – a clear and direct result of our use of the ENGAGE platform.

From the ability to create company shared client lists, candidate watch lists, and company alerts to be able to track open rates and response rates in the platform, we couldn’t see running our company without using this very integral part of our workflow. We plan on using it for many years to come. 

ENGAGE is changing the face of the HR world and our team here at HIVE is excited to see how it continues to evolve and impact our industry.  


To learn more about HIVE Talent Acquisition Firm, please visit: www.hivetaf.com.

To learn the basics of AI, how it can be used to help streamline your recruiting process, and tips for planning for an AI adoption journey, download our guide, Breaking Down the Basics of AI-Powered Recruiting.

For more information about ENGAGE Talent, please visit http://www.engagetalent.com
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