Breaking Down the Basics of AI-Powered Recruiting

Recruiters know all to well the amount of time and effort it takes to find the right candidate to fill an open position, and are aware that vacancy costs can negatively impact their organization. Today's talent acquisition professionals know they must stay technology savvy and consider innovative tools to help take their recruiting initiatives to the next level and ease some of their recruiting headaches.

Many talent acquisition professionals are taking a closer look at adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their technology stack to simplify time-consuming tasks like candidate search, resume screening, and onboarding but are finding it difficult to navigate around the hype of AI and vet the different technology solutions available.

We’ve created a guide, Breaking Down the Basics of AI-Powered Recruiting, to provide some foundational information on what AI is, how it can be used to help streamline your recruiting process, and tips to plan for an AI adoption journey.

- Understanding the classic recruiting headaches
- What is AI-powered recruiting?
- What types of questions can you answer with AI-powered recruiting?
- What are the benefits of using AI?
- What are the data considerations?
- What should you look for when vetting technology solutions? 

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