Remember when finding talent in the financial services industry was child’s play?


Yeah, neither do most other HR professionals or recruiters. Okay, so maybe finding and recruiting talent has never been rainbows and unicorns but we’re sure it was easier without today’s challenges.

Today’s candidate-shallow market makes it difficult for any HR professional or recruiter in the financial services industry to find talent. The impact of new technology, onslaught of tightening regulations, emergence of new roles, an aging workforce, and a significant skills gap is impacting how long it takes to fill vacant positions and ultimately inhibits business growth plans.

To solve the issue of talent scarcity, financial services organizations must take urgent action in the way they find, engage, and retain their most valuable talent. Now is the perfect time to discover untapped talent pools, drive business efficiency, forecast labor market trends, predict talent retention risk, and drive company performance with the help of ENGAGE AI-Powered Talent Data and Intelligence platform.

To help your financial services organization quickly find and engage with quality talent, we’ve identified three critical steps you can take right away with ENGAGE.

Know where to focus your energy.

One of the biggest challenges facing the financial services industry is attracting and engaging candidates. The fact is, most candidates are “passive” – they have a job. In addition to discovering new talent pools, you can start by identifying and focusing your energy on candidates that fit your organization’s criteria and are most likely to engage in a job-change conversation. You can avoid wasting time sifting through the traditional pool of available candidates.

Nail down your timing.

If your timing is right, then emails can be your most powerful tool for engaging with passive candidates. If you time it wrong, your message can easily make a beeline for the trash folder. Did you know the average office worker receives 121 emails per day?  Even worse, you only have 3-4 seconds to grab and hold a candidate’s attention.  So, timing is everything!    

Use your words wisely.

The financial services industry is riddled with recruiters trying to find their perfect fit, and candidates are tired of receiving cookie-cutter messages that aren’t relevant or contextual in any way. Understanding a candidate’s profile and preferences is a critical step to attracting the attention of top talent.

Are you ready to think differently about recruiting and discover new talent pools? We would love to dive into a hands-on demonstration of the tool and conduct live searches. Schedule a demo today!


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