Truth Bomb: You Are Trying to Find Engineers the Wrong Way.

Right Way Wrong Way

It's clearly not a bad time to be an engineer. The demand for technical roles is hot, and organizations are clamoring to fill open positions. It's not only low unemployment rates driving a recruiting frenzy, but it's also due to the number of engineers graduating, the skills gap between new engineers and what the industry needs, and the largest segment of the engineering workforce approaching retirement. 

Tech-Clarity research finds 80% of companies indicate that hiring the right engineers will be either highly or very critical to the future success of their business.

A lack of engineering talent is undeniably putting many organizations in a compromising position to meet their goals and outperform their competition. To help solve the challenge of attracting talented candidates, you need to make a fundamental change to your recruiting talent strategy.

A report from market research firm Forrester predicts that those employers that lag behind in attracting critical talent will wind up paying up to 20% above market salary rates for new hires with particularly in-demand skills — a group that includes data scientists, high-end software developers and information security analysts — HR Dive

So, how does your organization find the engineers it needs?

In an age where nearly everything we do can be measured and analyzed, it makes sense to invest the time to understand how data and analytics can become an essential element of your recruiting process. AI-powered recruiting can save you a lot of headaches, take the guesswork out of recruitment, and help you discover the qualified engineers that your competitors can't find.

The Power of Passive Candidates

Faced with a scarce engineering candidate pool and an extremely competitive labor market, using AI-powered recruiting helps you focus on qualified passive candidates — saving your recruiting and hiring teams time, energy, and resources.

Are you feverishly seeking engineers and spending a disproportionate number of hours weeding out active job seekers who are not fully qualified or do not meet your organization's qualifications? It's time to boost your recruiting strategy and zone in on passive candidates, discover new talent pools, screen millions of candidates in seconds, and find the qualified people that are most likely to engage in a job-change conversation.

Passive recruitment can be powerful, but landing passive candidates isn't easy.  You need a partner, like ENGAGE, to help you connect with new talent pools, at the right time, with the right message.

Ready to learn how you can find and engage with a new talent pool of engineers? Contact us to find out how ENGAGE can help you uncover what's happening now in your talent ecosystem, predict what will happen next, and act on this knowledge to better recruit, engage and retain your most valuable talent.

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