Is AI the Alternative to the H-1B Rabbit Hole?

Rabbit Hole

Many organizations are struggling to engage, recruit, and retain qualified workers for specialized positions and have been leaning on sponsoring visas to remain competitive, attract top talent, and be a leader in their market. But a tight labor market coupled with ever-changing regulations is driving businesses to evaluate their recruitment process and rethink their overall talent strategy – especially when it comes to sponsoring H-1B visas and adhering to the employer compliance requirements.

At first glance, the H-1B visa seems like an ideal way to fill highly technical positions in a tight labor market, but budgets are shrinking, sponsoring visas are becoming more complex, and this time-consuming process can often drain budget dollars. While sponsoring visas is an option, it does make hiring more difficult. Hence the reason why executives and talent acquisition professionals are searching for other creative ways to reduce their recruitment woes and step outside of using the H-1B lottery system when developing and managing their talent strategy.

Organizations need the ability to discover new talent pools, access to real-time data, and a simpler method to identify and engage with candidates whose skill sets align with their business needs without having to gamble with acquiring talent through a complicated process. To address the talent shortage, expand talent pools, and avoid the cumbersome H-1B process, organizations need to take control of candidate discovery, leverage data science, and tap into the benefits of engaging and recruiting from a deeper pool of passive candidates.

Talent intelligence powered by AI brings a new experience for organizations to discover key talent for niche roles. Now, with AI, recruiters have access to a larger candidate pool, better insight into which candidates are most likely to engage in a job-change conversation, and can quickly identify the motivators of passive candidates so they can communicate effectively, focusing on the critical information that will intrigue and inspire candidates to respond. 

Before going further down the rabbit hole of the H-1B process, take a look at how AI-powered recruiting can help your organization engage, recruit, hire, and retain the quality talent your organization needs. 

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