Hey Recruiters, Are You Ready to Make a Smart Move?


Today’s talent acquisition landscape is hyper-competitive, and it is easy to immerse yourself in techniques that have been passed down from years of “tried and true” processes that may not be working in today’s hiring climate. So, if you’re in Talent Acquisition and having doubts about your current methods yielding positive results, investing in AI seems like a smart move.

A growing number of companies face a harsh reality as they head into 2019: talent acquisition is under siege. Record low unemployment rates are enough to intimidate even the best HR leaders, but beyond that, movements like #MeToo have brought companies’ hiring practices and cultures into the spotlight, while job automation has transformed the skills employees need to thrive in the workplace.  (Ira Wolf, TLNT, January 25, 2019)

AI can help you:
  • Gain the in-depth insights needed to discover and reach passive talent by fusing candidate, business, and market data.

  • Draw critical links between your organization and others, competitors, and industry to help you understand how your organization is measuring up.

  • Source passive candidates and predict which of these candidates are the most likely to engage in an opportunity-change conversation.

  • Drive diversity and inclusion initiatives by quickly identifying pools of underrepresented groups, document searches, and add a level of transparency.

  • Address current, and future workforce needs using real-time and detailed information at a national or local level.

But before jumping all-in with AI, you need to ask about the data behind the insights.

  • Does the data rely on self-reported data? Self-report data often includes only a highlight candidates’ careers, leaving room for irrelevant or inaccurate data.

  • What is the timeliness of the data? Data is continuously changing, so the information that was relevant a week or month ago may be drastically different today. 

  • Are you missing key details? It is challenging to identify passive candidates, understand the right time to engage, and start a job-change conversation without a rich picture of a candidate’s profile.

The U.S. is facing low unemployment, acute talent shortages, and increasing talent demand as new skills appear as fast as others disappear, prompting companies to build talent like never before. Seventy-six percent of employers plan to upskill their workforce by 2020, compared with 28% in 2011 and a 21% increase from last year. (ManPowerGroup®, February 2019)

Evaluating technology solutions takes a considerable amount of time. If you are ready to improve your recruiting efforts, here is a quick checklist of questions to ask when searching for an AI-powered recruiting platform.

  • Insightful Data Sets: Can the platform fuse candidate, business, and market data together to provide the critical insights you need?

  • Benchmarking: Will you be able to draw critical links between your organization and others, competitors, and your industry to get a full picture of how your organization is measuring up?

  • Personalization: Does the platform suggest key and relevant messaging to pique the interest of potential candidates?

  • Predictability of Engagement: Will the solution help monitor your candidates and signal when a candidate is more likely to engage in a job-change conversation?

  • Automation and Alerts: Will the platform help you take swift action and free up valuable human capital time?

  • Diversity and Inclusion: How will the solution help support your diversity and inclusion initiatives?

  • Supply and Analytics: Will you be able to address current and future workforce needs, gain insight into the total population of candidates?

  • Ease of Use: Will you and your team be comfortable using the platform? What does implementation look like, how much training is required?

  • Data Science: How does the solution surface actionable insights? What types of data is fueling the growth of your business?

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