Candidates are Consumers too!

".....a good candidate experience is brilliant marketing for an organization; a bad one is an ongoing black eye for people interested in your employer brand. Devastating as that is, this fact is even worse: a bad hiring experience may cause the right applicant to turn

The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 9 with Veronica Jenkins (Hive Talent) - a valued ENGAGE Customer


Veronica Jenkins shares how her firm, Hive Talent Acquisition Firm, handles managing the expectations of clients when dealing with a multigenerational workforce and debunking preconceived notions.   She also discusses how she uses ENGAGE to make her job easier and more

Interview with John Sumser - HR Examiner

The ENGAGE Team interviewed John Sumser recently where he shared his thoughts on the passive candidate recruiting and rules of engagement with candidates today.  

"If I am not applying for a job, but if someone approaches me with the right

ENGAGE Talent's Artificial Intelligence Makes Major Impact on Passive Candidate Experience

New data: recruiters achieve seven times higher candidate response rates to emails when using personalized messaging identified by

The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 8 with Shannon Pritchett

It's all about the first touch with candidates today!  Not sure about the best way to make initial contact with a candidate? SourceCon editor, Shannon Pritchett shares her winning email-first approach and gives a sneak peek about some exciting announcements for SourceC

The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 7 with Katrina Kibben

In this episode Katrina Kibben, CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media, shares 4 key components you MUST HAVE when writing a recruiting email. Check it out.

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ENGAGE Talent is sponsoring the Hunt Scanlon Media Event - Sourcing Talent with AI on October 24th in NYC

We are excited to sponsor the Hunt Scanlon event on Sourcing Talent with AI coming up this week in New York City.  The main topic is How Automated Technologies are Transforming the Search for People.

AGENDA for the

The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 6 with Amy Miller - Head of Tech Recruiting at Google

In this episode, Amy Miller shuts down claims that AI will take over recruiter jobs. She shares how the human element is a pivotal factor in the process of finding good candidates. What do you think? Is Ai going to take over or will there always be a need for the human

What about the Recruiter Experience? - from a 20-year Veteran Recruiter

Recruiters are often reminded on how important the candidate experience is.  I don't disagree with this. However, there are a few things us recruiters can really use your help on regarding the “The Recruiter Experience.” 

The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 5 with Evan Donaldson - CEO of Talentry

MMR Podcast host Derek Zeller and guest Evan Donaldson discuss the impact an untrained hiring manager has on the overall hiring process. At what point do we hold the hiring manager responsible for their role in the process?