ENGAGE Talent is sponsoring the Hunt Scanlon Media Event - Sourcing Talent with AI on October 24th in NYC

We are excited to sponsor the Hunt Scanlon event on Sourcing Talent with AI coming up this week in New York City.  The main topic is How Automated Technologies are Transforming the Search for People.  


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The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 6 with Amy Miller - Head of Tech Recruiting at Google

In this episode, Amy Miller shuts down claims that AI will take over recruiter jobs. She shares how the human element is a pivotal factor in the process of finding good candidates. What do you think? Is Ai going to take over or will there always be a need for the human

What about the Recruiter Experience? - from a 20-year Veteran Recruiter

Recruiters are often reminded on how important the candidate experience is.  I don't disagree with this. However, there are a few things us recruiters can really use your help on regarding the “The Recruiter Experience.” 

The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 5 with Evan Donaldson - CEO of Talentry

MMR Podcast host Derek Zeller and guest Evan Donaldson discuss the impact an untrained hiring manager has on the overall hiring process. At what point do we hold the hiring manager responsible for their role in the process?

300+ Women Leaders in HR : Our own Kristin Lewis named on the list!

Congratulations to Kristin Lewis who was named on the list of the top 300 women leaders in HR.  Meet some of the women leaders in HR who are influencing positive changes to the future HR function.  

The complete article is below:


The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 3 with Andrew Gadomski, the founder of Aspen Advisors

This we sat down with Andrew Gadomski, the founder of Aspen Advisors.

Andrew breaks down one of his key recruitment strategies and shares how to find the best talent at the best price. Take a listen. 

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The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 4 with Dean Da Costa - The Ultimate Modern Recruiter

In today’s episode, Derek chats it up with Dean Da Costa, a highly experienced staffing professional and author (The Book of Recruiting; Da Costa Style…check it out, it’s awesome) about the number one “method” every single recruiter needs to utilize if they want to be

What are the top 5 Recruiting Challenges in 2018? And what to do about them...

Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals face challenges today that they have never experienced in the world of recruiting.  Recruiting has been going through a major transformation over the last 10 years and the current bullish job market is adding to the pace

Innovative Market Intelligence and Talent Discovery Highlights New Release of ENGAGE Talent AI Recruiting Software Being Showcased at SourceCon Fall 2018

ENGAGE also launches “The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast.” Host Derek Zeller will interview great recruiting minds on the latest talent acquisition trends, challenges, best practices and technologies.

ATLANTA, GA, Sept. 25, 2018 — ENGAGE Talent, earlier this month

Top 6 Things you can do to be a Successful Recruiter in a Candidate Driven Market

If you haven't noticed lately, the sourcing and recruiting market is super-hot in this bullish job market. For those of us who have been in the recruiting industry for a while, today seems like the late nineties. Candidates are constantly ghosting you or not responding