The Masters of Modern Recruiting Podcast! - Episode 2 with Pete Radloff

In today’s episode, our host Derek Zeller chats it up with 20 year recruiting pro, Pete Radloff about how to avoid using “post and pray” as your main recruitment strategy.

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Look for "The Masters in Mo

HRExaminer Announces 2019 Watchlist: Most Interesting AI Companies in HR Technology

Today, HRExaminer unveiled its 2019 Watchlist of the most interesting AI vendors in HR Technology. The awards emerge from the company’s comprehensive research into the emergence of intelligent tools

ENGAGE Talent Named a Most Interesting AI Company, to Unveil Newest Innovations in AI Recruiting Software at 2018 HR Technology Conference

ENGAGE named to HRExaminer's 2019 Watchlist of the most interesting AI companies in HR technology.

ENGAGE Talent is pleased to announce that it has been named as the top company for Sourcing Acceleration in HRExaminer's 2019 Watchlist of the most interesting AI vendors

Introducing "The Masters of Modern Recruiting" Podcast! - Episode 1 Available NOW!

Learn, Listen, and Engage with the greatest minds in modern recruiting. We will be talking about AI-powered recruiting and sourcing techniques and tools that can save hours of your valuable time. If you are a recruiter, talent acquisition professional, or just interest

HR Tech is only a Week Away! And we have some exciting news.

This year’s HR Technology Conference will be held on Sept. 11-14 in Las Vegas. That is only a week away. 

Are you ready?

There are a lot of things that have happened in the HR tech space over the last year and this HR Tech is going to be even more exciting than the last.

It’s not Just Getting into an Inbox; It’s Engaging Talent

Hey there! It’s meeee, Derek or @derdiver for the twitter-verse and I am going to be doing a two-part, or maybe three part, I can be verbose at times post on well, read on, LOL. I am often receiving emails, Inmails, phone calls, and heck smoke signals at this point ask


We have some exciting news to share! 

ENGAGE has been selected as one of 7 semi-finalists for the Next Great HR-Tech Company by folks who run the HR Tech Conference.  They looked at 100s of companies to get down to the final 7.  

The Final 4 and will get to compet

Stop the Recruiting Spam. Seriously.

No matter how awesome my day happens to be, as soon as I open my personal e-mail, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s all downhill from there. Seriously, nothing pisses me off – or depresses me – quicker than simply opening my own inbox. I should know better by now

Interview with Robby Gulri on the Talent Acquisition Industry

Recently, our very own Robby Gulri (Head of Marketing) was interviewed by the SouthEast Tech Investors group on the topics of talent acquisition, talent mapping, and general HR-Tech Industry.  

You can listen to the interview here.

My Advice on Recruiting and Hiring | Do Better, Be Better

“A person who can think differently and truly on his feet will always find it difficult to sit and fit in as an employee in a workplace, for his attitude and approach towards the work will often hit the ego of most co-workers who can’t compete with him on his level of