Interview with Robby Gulri on the Talent Acquisition Industry

Recently, our very own Robby Gulri (Head of Marketing) was interviewed by the SouthEast Tech Investors group on the topics of talent acquisition, talent mapping, and general HR-Tech Industry.  

You can listen to the interview here.

My Advice on Recruiting and Hiring | Do Better, Be Better

“A person who can think differently and truly on his feet will always find it difficult to sit and fit in as an employee in a workplace, for his attitude and approach towards the work will often hit the ego of most co-workers who can’t compete with him on his level of

ENGAGE research identifies tightest markets for technology professionals and a new supply/demand framework

About the ENGAGE Research series: At ENGAGE, we study the impact of dynamic markets on company’s talent retention and on professionals’ voluntary turnover. From time to time, we share some of our research results in this article series. In previous research we examined

Free Lunch in Sourcing

"There is no such thing as a free lunch" - Anonymous

There is an odd phoneme that has plagued the sourcing community for years that I have witnessed and I am frankly sick of it. There are people that continually wish to have everything handed to them, given to them for

HonorVet Technologies Selects ENGAGE Talent to Align Veterans with the Right Jobs

Veterans re-entering the civilian workforce often find themselves in less-than-ideal jobs that they have significant problems keeping


ENGAGE Talent, an artificial intelligence software company that provides predictive insights that ena

CEO Spotlight: Joseph Hanna of ENGAGE Talent

We asked Joe a few very profound questions on our company, the industry, and his vision for the future.  Below are the questions and his responses.  

Tell us what ENGAGE Talent does in one sentence.

Our science identifies misalignment between people, roles, and

Using Your Social Profile to Attract Candidates

There has been quite the conversation about company branding in our industry and how this is helping drive candidates into the process.  Why Coca-Cola or IBM need a branding team is beyond me, I am pretty sure they are well known around the world, but that is exactly w

The First US Casualty of GDPR

It appears that the first casualty to the recruiting and sourcing industry has emerged and it is not looking pretty for the future for the industry.  The announcement from Salesforce is that they are retiring their product Connect as of May 4th, 2019 and that

Some awesome events coming up in April 2018!

Q1 is almost over and it's been a great quarter. Lots of energy, activity, and growth.

April is going to be another great month. There are so many events, webinars, speaking sessions, and podcasts going on in April. I am just going to list them for easy access.

ENGAGE Talent Raises $3 Million to Accelerate Innovation of AI-Powered Recruiting

Funds will be used to further develop and refine company’s predictive recruiting technologies, expand ENGAGE team.

CHARLESTON, S.C., February 14, 2018— ENGAGE Talent, an AI software company that helps companies identify and effectively engage with passive candidates, ha