Recruiting in the Digital Age: The Hidden Risks of Relying on Social Media

Social Media Warning BlogIn an age where social media is everywhere, employers are increasingly relying on social networks to build talent pipelines for future roles and engage passive candidates who haven’t applied for current openings. While social recruitment has caught on, there are dangers with relying on social media channels for recruiting and hiring. For instance, you can quickly become aware of a candidate’s “protected characteristics” once you click on a candidate’s online profile. Even if you did not intend to access this type of information, it is nearly impossible to prove that you didn’t consider those factors.

Simply put, talent acquisition professionals need to be careful when using social media platforms. The amount of protected information that can easily be obtained could end up costing your organization significantly with the EEOC, court battles, settlements, and more.

Given the complexity and ever-evolving social media landscape, HR needs to stay on top of any potential legal risks. Below is a round-up of past articles that highlight the dangers of using social media networks for your recruiting and hiring efforts and tips on how you can help avoid the pitfalls of using social media channels. 

How Employers Can Avoid the Social Media Minefield
Read the interview with EEOC attorney Edward Loughlin and find out how employers can help mitigate the risk of social media and protect themselves.

Social Media Recruiting: 5 Mistakes to Avoid
Robert Half reveals common mistakes hiring managers make when using social media to evaluate job candidates. He also includes tips when searching for talent online.

Risks for Employers or Recruiters Using Social Media for Background Screening
Bridget Miller’s article outlines some of the dangers that recruiters or employers face when using social media in the hiring process.

Legal Risks of Recruiting Employees from Social Media
Read about some of the possible equal employment opportunities issues and other legal considerations with certain aspects of social media hires.

Lessons Learned in Social Media, Recruiting, and Discrimination
Mia Mancini summarizes some of the key takeaways from a presentation given at 2017 SHRM Talent Conference by attorney Lester Rosen on social media and recruiting. Get information on the privacy and discrimination problems that could arise when misusing social media.

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