Ugh! Have I completely missed the recruiting sweet spot?

Recruiting Sweet Spot

Don’t deny it. You know this question has crossed your mind because you’re having trouble finding the quality talent your organization needs. Don’t feel bad — finding top talent is a real challenge impacting all companies and industries.

If you’re going to catch the eye and engage with passive candidates, you’ll need an AI-Powered Talent Data and Intelligence Platform like ENGAGE to find the recruiting sweet spot – the intersection of delivering the right personalized message, to the right person, at the right time.

Check out these resources and discover how AI recruiting technology has helped organizations find the recruiting sweet spot to identify, target, and engage with quality talent.

  • Find out how NetBrain Technologies, the market leader for network automation, discovered a direct line to passive candidates that are most likely to engage, improve their efficiency, and reduced their time to fill. View Case Study.

  • Learn how The Sutton Group was able to take a more data-driven approach to find and deliver quality talent, quickly find quality candidates for niche positions, and how their response rate grew significantly from 5% to 37%. View Case Study.

  • Check out how modern recruiters are using AI to discover new candidates and increase engagement and response rates. Download Guide: A Recruiting Leader’s Guide to AI-Powered Recruiting.

  • Learn how to navigate through the basics of AI-powered recruiting and take your recruiting initiatives to the next level. Download Guide: Breaking Down the Basics of AI-Powered Recruiting.

  • Listen to Mike “Batman” Cohen, the founder of Wayne Technologies, discuss the benefits and features of ENGAGE Talent. Watch video.

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