Free Lunch in Sourcing

"There is no such thing as a free lunch" - Anonymous

There is an odd phoneme that has plagued the sourcing community for years that I have witnessed and I am frankly sick of it. There are people that continually wish to have everything handed to them, given to them for free yet they want the work of the people that are the hardest working and been there done that burned the t-shirt work that others have done in order to succeed ... for free.

Sorry for the rant folks and I have to say if you want to say piss off and move on I get it. Frankly this is about you so it would not surprise me in the least if you did.

Advice is rarely headed by those who truly need it. So, if you are interested in hearing the truth, a straight shot, no shooter than read on.

Free Lunch in Sourcing

You may be young or you may be old and learning the world of recruiting or sourcing and I welcome you here. We share, we really do, more than any community I have ever been allowed to be a part of in my life time and I have embraced that at every turn. I have shared ideas, knowledge, and experiences that very few have in not only this industry but in life. I have done so for a number of years and I know so many others that have as well and it drives our tribe.

However, when it comes to software, AI, and the like you have to take some things in to account. They are not free tools nor should they be. There are people that write code, founders that work 12 hour days, and marketing and sales people that not only believe in the software or extensions that they have built but are in this industry not only as a vendor but a partner. You should respect that.

I have recently left, after 22 years, the world of sourcing and recruiting as a frontline in the trenches recruiter. It was not an easy choice; in fact it was terrifying changing a career that I had given my heart to, part of my soul. I put a ring on it and then had to take it off. However like a one armed man swinging at the wind I realized that I could be part of a bigger solution and help others by joining a company that is revolutionary in concept and doing something that no other company is doing within our space.

ENGAGE blew me away a year and half ago when I first came upon them and they are changing the face of recruiting in a new and novel way. Let me explain.

Did you know that there are data analysts in the financial world that use software programs you have never heard of that do BI (Business Intelligence) by taking in to account the financial health of a company, profits, losses, etc. and there in by affects the stock of public companies so that investors can determine a buy or sell of the stock. Why not use the same practice in recruiting?

The one thing I have said these many years is information is power. No, I did not coin the phrase, obviously, but it is a powerful thought and holds true. Ignorance may be bliss but it will kick you in the behind if you don’t know what your competition is doing at the speed of light, snail mail has been dead for years now kids. .  Yes you can spend time and money on hiring analysts for your company or high priced consulting firms or, you could look in to us.

This tool, this amazing data extraction tool is not free nor should it be.  However the ROI on this tool is beyond reproach and I dare any other company to tell me otherwise. This is a small investment for many companies, yes, an investment, and with LinkedIn jail ever looming out there by using scraping tools that extract data could get you not only in jail but kicked off entirely.

With ENGAGE there are no worries on that as we sit on top of the data and use other algorithms and data points to get you what you want, candidates that want to talk with you. This is not rocket science, its data science, and we get that.


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