It’s not Just Getting into an Inbox; It’s Engaging Talent


Hey there! It’s meeee, Derek or @derdiver for the twitter-verse and I am going to be doing a two-part, or maybe three part, I can be verbose at times post on well, read on, LOL. I am often receiving emails, Inmails, phone calls, and heck smoke signals at this point asking how I can find peoples emails or phone numbers. Then the subset, which is really fun for me, I want it for free OR we have LinkedIn recruiter but want something else too we just don’t have the budget. Seriously, I have seen this question almost daily some sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and the frustration boil over.
          It seems that so many people want the information handed to them without offering any kind of restitution, nice. I am not going to rant on that as have in the past but I wonder how many people will even be able to find one of those posts since, well, you cannot even find the answer in groups by, well, you know, scrolling down let alone writing a Boolean string or doing an x-ray online. So, let me help you out here a little bit, kids, with the info you are really going to need.
          Yes, I can get you into someone's inbox or voicemail but what is the point? Why would anyone call you back or email you? I am not trying to belittle you seriously I am not but the majority of you are going about the this the wrong way and I am truly trying to effect change for you and help you be better. I am sort of a salty dog when it comes to these things and can be gruff because I, like many like me, are simply tired of answering the same question over and over again of how to get into a person’s inbox or how to get a phone number and that is not an issue anymore really, technology is amazing ya know. What the issue is are response rates and as Sherlock Holmes would say, is the rub, Watson.
The real problem that sourcers and recruiters are facing is response rates.
          Now that you can get into that inbox or you can make a call on the phone what are you doing?  You are doing the same thing over and over again. Now, this might not be your fault. You may be sitting in a sweatshop RPO or a full desk recruiter at a corporation with totally unrealistic expectations because the management has no idea or care about recruiting cycles.  You are getting a 6% response rate and they think that is awesome until you get granular and find out that 3% are responding negatively.  So simple math here, you are not reaching 6% of people it is half of that. Why is that you ask? The answer is simple; you are throwing knives in a dark room thinking you are going to hit a target, and although you are hitting it a few times, it’s not efficient.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
          Yeah, it is an old quote but it is a good one and, frankly, true. I get budgets, I do, been there done that and have a closet full of t-shirts that I could have used the same budget for getting candidates. Hey, t-shirts that people will only wear to work once in a while are much more important than helping  me in my quest for knowledge and understanding in order to make placements and for me to be able to eat decent meals. Well, I still do hamburger helper but I am single and cheap, so there is that.
          My point here is you need tools that are not shiny and just give you information to get contact info; you need a strategy, a plan, in order to facilitate the most objective way to not only find passive OR nonpassive candidates but the ones that want to possibly want to chat with you. See you next week to share the hint, but since you came to the website this may be a really big hint...

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