HR Tech is only a Week Away! And we have some exciting news.

HR Tech is only a Week Away!  And we have some exciting news.

This year’s HR Technology Conference will be held on Sept. 11-14 in Las Vegas. That is only a week away. 

Are you ready?

There are a lot of things that have happened in the HR tech space over the last year and this HR Tech is going to be even more exciting than the last.

The 4 day conference is packed full of amazing content broken up into many relevant categories for HR practitioners and leaders.

  • AI in HR

  • Bonus

  • CHRO

  • HR Transformation

  • Market Landscape

  • Market Visionaries

  • Project Success

  • Research Insights

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Management

  • Technical Success

  • Women in HR Technology

  • Workplace Innovation

We especially care about the AI in HR track where attendees will learn about the how AI is changing the world of recruiting and sourcing very rapidly. 

You can't miss the track from John Sumser called The Most Interesting Companies in AI for HR Tech.  That session will be held on Sept 13th at 11am to 12pm. 

Four intelligent software products will be showcased to spur your thinking about the range of possibilities in new technologies. Each vendor was selected because they offer new ideas that challenge the old ways of thinking about HR to propel us into the future. You’ll leave with a solid view of the ways in which intelligent software can be deployed, examples of how these AI technologies are impacting the practice of HR today, and make the connection between cutting-edge AI technology and better people and business outcomes.

We are so honored and excited to find out that we are one of those 4 companies on John's list.

Our own VP of Product, Kristin Lewis, and VP of Data Science, Christy Whitehead, will present alongside John to show everyone how we are using the power of AI to solve the talent shortage problem for companies across U.S. and Canada. Kristin and Christy will also showcase the latest capabilities ENGAGE delivers via its new AI Talent Discovery release, which helps recruiters:

  • Instantly visualize the supply of talent for a specified role or skill

  • Zero in on the talent that has the highest likelihood to be interested in a job change

  • Maximize response rates by utilizing AI-generated messaging tips personalized for each target

ENGAGE is an AI-powered recruiting platform that helps companies identify and target new talent that they were not finding via traditional methods and in traditional pools. The ENGAGE AI and machine learning engine predicts the likelihood that a candidate will respond to a conversation about a potential job change, and recommends personalized messaging based on factors like their career progression, skills, peer actions, and the news and events surrounding their company.

See you at HR Tech!  Please come say hi.

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