Top 6 Things you can do to be a Successful Recruiter in a Candidate Driven Market

Top 6 Things you can do to be a Successful Recruiter in a Candidate Driven Market

If you haven't noticed lately, the sourcing and recruiting market is super-hot in this bullish job market. For those of us who have been in the recruiting industry for a while, today seems like the late nineties. Candidates are constantly ghosting you or not responding to you, and you seem to be scratching your head and asking why. Simply put, you aren't engaging them. Candidates are demanding way more of you today.

Let’s start with some simple tactics regarding identifying and engaging them before you get to close them.

1. Start with Empathy

As your computer warms up in the morning and you are sipping on your beverage of choice, take a moment to reflect on what it was like when you were looking for a job. Think back on the pain of rejection that you faced and the fear every morning wondering if you were ever going to find a fulfilling job and a career. It can be a humbling experience, but it will make you a better recruiter and person. The candidate is going to hear some of that empathy in your voice and that will separate you from those who do not do this as their norm.

2. Be You!

Do not be afraid to be different from the rest of the pack. Even if you are part of an IPO its ok, get off script, be you! Personality means everything in our industry, and you should let it shine in a your own way. Candidates will feel that.

3. Subject Lines Matter 

Subject lines in emails matter! Yes, they really do, this is akin to a headline on a news site that you read and say, “Hey I wonder what is going on with this.” You want them to open that email and read your pitch, right?

4. Think about Them First!

Have a short burst within the email that starts and finishes with something that is meaningful for THEM, not YOU. You don't matter in this case especially to someone that you are cold emailing or calling. Passive candidates do not need you or your services no matter who you are or who you work for.

5. Skip the Formality

Instead of putting in a dry blasé description in the email add the bullet points about what they will be doing in the role. You should already know that they could do the work based on the fact that you are emailing them in the first place so skip the formal pitch and, once again, make it about them, not you. That will come later.

6. Don’t Assume Anything

Never assume that they want the position or that they are not possibly talking to other firms. Respect their choice but always be closing. In the end, if you do it well, they will not hesitate to sign on the dotted line.

The ENGAGE Talent customer success team works with recruiters and talent acquisition professionals just like you to help identify candidates that are most likely to engage in a job change. Send us a note. We love to hear from you about what is or isn't working in your day to day recruiting process.

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