Candidates are Consumers too!

Candidates are Consumers too!

".....a good candidate experience is brilliant marketing for an organization; a bad one is an ongoing black eye for people interested in your employer brand. Devastating as that is, this fact is even worse: a bad hiring experience may cause the right applicant to turn down the job. Top talent has no desire to work in a disrespectful organization with leaders who simply don't care about the recruiting process." Forbes 2018

Candidates are consumers too! That means that they demand the ultimate white-glove experience when looking to come on board as future employees across every touch point of the candidate journey. Candidate experience captures how candidates truly feel about your company once they experience your entire hiring process. But crafting a good candidate experience involves more than just putting up a good careers section on your website. It involves a mindset shift that focuses on respecting candidates' time and designing your candidate experience to be as painless as possible across the entire candidate life cycle.

When it comes to your organization and your people, one size fits does not fit all. The best talent in the market is demanding, idiosyncratic, eccentric and maybe even a bit strange. The last thing you want is a process that eliminates stellar talent because of your red tape and bureaucratic processes.

Passive candidates often have skills that are highly in demand and are therefore more difficult to recruit. If you want to recruit these talented individuals, you must engage them.

If I am not applying for a job, but if someone approaches me with the right story at the right time, you can cause me to have a change in my life. But in order to do that, you have to stand out from all the noise and you have to be truly understand what is going to engage that person and you have to understand what to do when they are engaged.

Engagement is the process of having extraordinary and compelling relationship with someone you want to court for a job is like engagement anywhere. And you can't do that by attempting to talk to everyone. You have to get more targeted and specific.

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