The Best First Touch Experience Starts with First Identifying the Right Candidate

The Best First Touch Experience Starts with First Identifying the Right Candidat

According to a recent survey by Recruiting Daily, 85 percent of hiring managers wish they had better access to qualified and best-fit candidates.  Simply being qualified doesn't mean that you are the best fit to do that particular job.  ENGAGE leverages AI and a more data driven approach to identify the right candidates to start a job change conversation.  Why waste your valuable time with candidates who will never engage in a job change conversation?  Instead, the AI can help identify the candidates who have a higher propensity to take your call or respond to your email.

The data science powering ENGAGE is based on three decades of validated academic and industry research of the events that lead to turnover. It relies on long term studies of career progression and the market forces impacting engagement and attrition. We utilize machine learning techniques that incorporate data from multiple feedback loops to continuously improve and enrich our scoring algorithms as well as track the actual outcomes relative to the predictions to ensure that models are continuing to perform well on new data and are not overfit to historical outcomes.

In ENGAGE's AI Recruiting platform, each candidate is assigned an engagement score that indicates how likely or unlikely they are to engage in a new job opportunity.  A recent customer case study showed that of 1500 candidates emailed regarding a similar role, those that were rated as “Most likely to Engage” were 2 times more likely to take action in response to the email.  In addition, a validation study of 500k candidates indicated that candidates rated “Most Likely to Engage” are not only more likely to engage with a recruiter about a new job but also 63% more likely to change jobs over the next 3 months.

ENGAGE also predicts the reasons that the candidate is most likely to find attractive in a new opportunity based on factors including their complete professional history, companies where they worked in the past, environments that they were exposed to, and action taken by their peers. We surface this prediction to recruiters in the form of a 5-point voluntary turnover assessment, as well as personalized messaging and content tips that are most likely to resonate with that particular candidate to increase engagement. 

Now that you have narrowed your top of the funnel of candidates to the ones who actually will engage, the chances of getting a better first touch experience is exponentially greater.  These candidates are already identified as most likely to engage from the AI and therefore are more open to opening your first touch email.  But what does that email need to say?  That is where understanding your candidates’ mental journey and persona can really help.

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