Does building a candidate persona lead to a better first impression?

Does building a candidate persona lead to a better first impression?

A candidate persona is a powerful outbound recruitment marketing tool that refers to the process of developing a representation of your ideal candidate. 

Candidate personas are built by analyzing the data available on candidates and mapping that day to the business climate they happen to be in.  They provide insights into your ideal candidates’ backgrounds, ambitions, fears, challenges, and objections to your company. It also digs into how candidates like to be communicated with and what they truly care about.  A deep knowledge of your candidates is imperative for providing a great candidate experience, from the emails you write for your first touch, to the interview questions you ask them and even the makeup of your benefits and compensation over the long-term.

First impressions matter and your introduction email often acts as your first point of contact for your candidates.  That is where either you will move forward in their eyes or fall straight on your face.  Most often, first touch recruiting outreach is cold, generic, and reads like a templated message.  Remember, candidates are consumers and that means they demand personalized and contextual first touch points with recruiters.  They are conditioned to delete anything that looks like it was generated by a machine. 

Understanding job seekers’ profiles and preferences is the first step to attracting top talent.  It's that simple.   Crafting a winning message that seizes a candidate's attention can be a daunting task given the constant time pressure that recruiters face today.  That is again where AI can really shine. 

Artificial Intelligence is changing outbound recruiting for the better with 1:1 personalization. AI recruiting tools allows recruiters to personalize their messages and deliver the right message to the right candidate and at the right time in an automated fashion.    

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