Pools of great candidates are hidden right in front of your eyes...

ENGAGE BlogPoint of ViewPools of great candidates are hidden right in front of your eyes

Building a talent pipeline is extremely hard these days. There is a shortage of skilled talent and a surplus of lower-skilled workers—increasing competition for the best, brightest and most experienced talent. Did you know that the best talent is not even actively looking for a job?  Some estimates are that upwards of 80% of employees today aren’t looking.  They seem to be satisfied with their current positions, professional development plans, compensation, work culture or leadership and are not pouring their resumes on job boards.  In addition, full-time employment often leaves little time for job searching.  In the era of digital transformation where many full-time employees are being asked to do so much more with so little resources, even employees who would like to make a change may not have time to apply for a new job.  They are hiding in plain sight.  And it’s your job as recruiters to find them.    

Enter - AI Recruiting Software.  This software can help you identify and engage these hidden pools of talent.  Recruiters have been resistant to adopting AI-driven recruiting software in the past because of the fear that AI will replace their own jobs, but artificial intelligence and machine learning is an enabler of higher efficiency and more targeted activities that lead to results faster and without error. 

AI will not replace recruiting—it’s meant to augment the skills of recruiting teams and to help you more effectively leverage the mass amounts of data about people and the businesses they work for.  This valuable data is gold when it comes to increasing engagement and personalization with passive candidates.  This is a huge change from the “old world” of recruiting, which involved hours buried in spreadsheets, shuffling through piles of resumes, and a “spray-and-pray” approach to messaging. 

To attract passive candidates, you need to first answer a passive candidate’s fundamental question, “My current job is fine. Why should I consider your opportunity?” The AI can prepare you to differentiate your job opportunity and make it stand out.  Because the AI can help to create the best first touch impressions with passive candidates, you can use that to truly understand the business and the candidates for that you are trying to match. Passive candidates may be hiding in plain sight but are well worth the effort when it comes to filling up your talent pipelines. 

With the support of AI, talent teams have more time to focus on the rewarding aspects of their jobs, so they can become an efficient lean-and-mean machine. 
ENGAGE is an AI-powered recruiting software that helps you identify and target new talent that they were not finding via traditional methods and in traditional pools.  Our AI and machine learning engine predicts the likelihood that they will respond to a conversation about a potential job change.  And after we have helped identify those candidates, the AI recommends personalized messages based on factors like their career progression, skills, peer actions, and the news and events surrounding their company that will get the biggest responses.  Click here to learn more about ENGAGE and request a demo.

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