Harvard Business Review: Better Ways to Predict Who’s Going to Quit

In this Harvard Business Review article authors Brook Holtom and David Allen share research performed to find better ways to proactively predict potential employee turnover. They found that candidates ENGAGE identified as “most likely” to be receptive to new job opportunities...

Are You Prepared to Hire an Entirely New Company Every Three Years?

Georgetown University Professor Brooks Holtom Joins ENGAGE Talent's Advisory Board

Employee retention and turnover thought leader to help fine-tune science powering ENGAGE’s AI recruiting software.

Why You Need to Know Your Industry’s Talent Retention Risk Score (and How Your Company Compares)

Editor’s Note: This post is part of our ENGAGE Research series, in which we analyze and discuss predictive recruiting and sourcing data. Read the most popular post in the series, “ENGAGE Research Identifies Top 2017 Employee Tenure Trends and a Tightening Labor Market,” here.