Why Talent Acquisition Loves Talent Flow Insights

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Because the hiring landscape has become increasingly noisy, organizations are rushing to integrate technology that uses real-time data and insights to help measure their success and failures in recruiting and retaining quality talent. Data science and artificial intelligence technologies are assisting many organizations with actionable talent flow insights among positions, organizations, industries, and competitors.

Talent flow intelligence has become a critical component in helping talent acquisition professionals better communicate to their leadership teams about why they are facing specific challenges in certain talent markets, understand essential trends of the labor market, make better data-driven decisions, and find hidden opportunities to engage, recruit, and retain valuable talent. This valuable insight is allowing organizations to uncover if there are any popular businesses their employees are moving to, where their competitors are having success, and which business sources are leading to the best source-to-hire ratios.

With a snap-shot view of how an organization’s talent flow stands today, businesses can see where recruiting efforts have been successful in recruiting talent and where their employees may be moving when leaving their company. Organizations can make meaningful decisions based on real-time data. With actionable knowledge, organizations can align their recruiting initiatives towards meeting their hiring goals. With access to talent flow data, organizations can ultimately improve their approach to finding and retaining quality talent.

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Given today’s recruiting and hiring landscape, talent flow intelligence is a must-have for any smart HR talent strategy. In this infographic, we explore six business-critical questions that can be answered using talent flow insights.

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