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You’ve likely read about leveraging AI-powered recruiting technology before. Could it be the silver bullet solution for recruiting?

For many organizations, filling open positions with quality talent is their top priority. Using the right innovative technology may help employers identify passive candidates quicker and engage in a meaningful conversation at the right time and fill positions faster. 

The Sutton Group is one organization on the journey of leveraging AI-powered recruiting technology, and are already seeing measurable and significant results. In this case study, discover how the Sutton Group became a strategic partner for their clients by saying goodbye to an admin-heavy recruiting process. By transforming their recruiting model to a seamless AI-powered recruiting platform, they have been able to reduce their time searching for quality candidates, significantly grow their response rate, fuel their business, while delivering superior client experience – all in one platform!

ENGAGE provides employers with the data they need to help qualify a candidate pool, engage with candidates at the right time, and deliver messaging to help drive a meaningful dialogue, so they are engaging with candidates before their competition.

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One of the biggest challenges facing employers is finding candidates that aren’t actively searching for a new opportunity. Then, once you find them, how do you compel them to engage in a job change conversation? Organizations need to find new people first and fast – get candidates’ attention before they are employed elsewhere.

Many leading companies are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their decision-making processes, and it has become a crucial part of their recruiting strategy. We’ve identified the top three tips to help you drive value, gain data-driven insights, find quality talent, and ultimately boost your recruitment strategy with the use of AI.

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