The Truth about AI-Powered Talent Intelligence

Needle Haystack

Most likely, you have heard how AI-Powered Talent Intelligence is helping organizations search for standout candidates - the needle in the haystack. AI-Powered Talent Intelligence is improving the recruiter and candidate experience by uncovering what's happening now in the talent ecosystem, predict what will happen next, and helping recruiters act on this knowledge so they can better recruit, engage and retain top talent.

If any of the below challenges hits close to home, then exploring an AI-Powered Talent Intelligence solution may be your best next step to improve recruiting initiatives. 

You're Working with a Stagnant Candidate Pipeline

Finding candidates who have the right qualifications is getting so much tougher because recruiting efforts are being limited to popular talent pools or traditional hiring methods – limiting both the quality and quantity of available candidates. As your candidate pipeline shrinks, you are forced to either slow down the hiring process, ask the hiring manager to relax position requirements, or shift your recruiting priorities – none of which sound like great options for business success. Artificial Intelligence can quickly help organizations discover new passive candidate pools, identify the candidates that are most likely to engage, and help you reach them first with targeted messaging.

You're Relying More on Luck and Intuition Rather than Data

Leveraging real-time data empowers you to focus on the candidates that are an ideal match and are most likely to engage in a job-change conversation. With greater access to relevant data, you are in a better position to educate your stakeholders of the market, industry trends, competitive intelligence, and find the ideal candidate for open positions.

Your Cost per Hire Keeps Rising

As you spend more budget dollars on job boards, social media networks, advertising, employment branding, and increasing your staff to support sourcing and recruiting initiatives your cost per hire continues to increase. Artificial Intelligence can help you target and engage the ideal candidate faster, streamline manual processes, and positively impact your cost-per-hire.

Your Time to Hire is Taking Too Long

When it comes to decreasing time to hire, using real-time data and insights can help you optimize your recruiting strategy and find strong candidates in a shorter time frame. By identifying the extremely relevant candidates, understanding when to engage and with the right message, your organization can hire quicker than ever before.

Although infusing AI into your recruitment process comes with additional costs, it creates a more efficient recruiting process, reduces your need to hire other recruiters, and helps you identify and engage the right candidate for open positions– thus reducing your overall recruiting spend. Artificial Intelligence has changed the recruiting landscape, and if you're not adding AI into your recruiting process, you're missing out.

Is your organization using the same recruiter-saturated pond to engage, recruit, and retain valuable talent?  Download our Casting for Candidates infographic to learn more about going beyond social media network databases, job boards, and Boolean searches.

To learn the basics of AI, how it can be used to help streamline your recruiting process, and tips for planning for an AI adoption journey, download our guide,
 Breaking Down the Basics of AI-Powered Recruiting.

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