Boolean Cheat Sheet - Intermediate Searching

For those who want to take their Boolean to the next level, here are some helpful hints to enhance your string.

Searching By Current Job Title


The most relevant results are candidates that have the word appear Sales appear in their job title


Now we return results where there's more to a job title than just Sales. Some are Director of Sales, etc. This is because we used the asterisk, which is a wildcard operator. 

title:"Sales Manager"

The quotes mean we're looking for this exact job title. 

title:("Sales Manager" OR "Sales Director")

We'll accept results with either of these job titles. The most relevant results have both, because they match both. If you sort by ENGAGE score, this will be different. 

title:("Sales Manager" OR "Sales Director") AND jobLevel:"Exec"

This is the same as before, but we're adding the stipulation that job level must be executive. You will not see results where they are not currently an executive. 

Let's try something more difficult. I want to find software developers. I don't necessarily care where they live because I'll recruit from anywhere, but my client is willing to pay more for local candidates. 

(title:(software engineer) AND city:Charleston^10) OR (title:software engineer)

Let's break down this query. It's in two parts, separated by the OR. The first part, I'm specifying that I want to see the words Software and Engineer appear in the job title and they must be located in Charleston. The ^10 means I'm giving a boost to these candidates so they show up first. 

The second part of the query I'm relaxing my description. I just want to see the words software and engineer appear somewhere in the job title. 

When you run this search, you're going to see software engineers in Charleston as the most relevant results because we used the ^10. The first several pages of search results will prove just that. As we get further through the pages, the results are less relevant to us. 

Keys to use in the Boolean search:

  • title
  • city
  • company
  • countries
  • email (true/false)
  • employees
  • degreeType
  • major
  • jobLevel
  • jobFunction
  • industries
  • name
  • phone (true/false)
  • revenue
  • school
  • states
  • zip