Can I get credit for inaccurate data?

There are a number of ways to build credit systems.  Some models give back credits if the user reports an inaccurate contact or a piece of data. Other models, like ENGAGE, build this in the pricing and value of that piece.  We have certain assumptions around accuracy and take those into account in valuing the price of that piece of the system.

Here is how that works:

Assume that your goal is 1000 good contacts

Assume accuracy is 80%

Credit model 1:

  • Assume you pay $1 per contact with credit for bad ones
  • You essentially need 1250 contacts to get 1000 good ones
  • Your effective cost per contact under this model is 80c

Credit model 2:

  • Reduce the cost per contact based on accuracy (in the example above, it would be 80c) 
  • You get the same result over time and in aggregate for cost per good contact