Email Dashboard

The email dashboard provides real-time metrics of your emails. Gain insight into your best subject lines, best day and time for responses and use this information in your next emailing strategy!

To access the email dashboard:

  • Select "Email" under "Dashboards" on the action bar to the left of your screen
Accessing Email Dashboard

What analytics does the "Email Dashboard" provide?

  • Highlighted display of your personal email metrics
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(i.e. number of emails sent, emails in queue, open rate, response rate, click rate, bounce rate)

  • List of "Top Performing Subject Lines"
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  • Calculated best date and time for response rates, based on your personal data
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  • A searchable archive of all emails sent through the system - allowing you to go back and see all previous emails, which are also filterable by opens, responses and clicks.
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If you have any further questions about the personal dashboard analytics please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly.