How accurate is ENGAGE's data?

Business and professionals information is ALWAYS changing.

In the next 60 minutes in the U.S. alone, 148 new businesses will open, 86 companies will move and 170 executives will be promoted (according to Dun & Bradstreet). Consider the changes to contact names, titles and email addresses, there is plenty for us to continue catching up with all the time ... which is what we do! 

B2B Data is Not Perfect

With this in mind, no platform that deals with fast-changing information can be 100% correct at any given time, but we come as close as anyone can. ENGAGE aggregated data accuracy is one of the best among similar platforms. We aggregate our data, insights and connections from over 30,000 data sources to ensure the most up to date and accurate data possible.

Some data elements have much higher accuracy rate than others. Personal emails for example, which ENGAGE provides for about a third of the candidate population, doesn't change often and have high accuracy rate. Same goes for a candidate industry experience, skills, and social links.

Current employer and current work email accuracy varies by industry, region, job level, job function, and tenure.  Here's a breakdown of ENGAGE's estimated current employment accuracy based on job level and size of employer:

data accuracy chart

Benchmarking: as a reference, the chart below shows the results of an independent audit of current employment details of a random sample of 1,000 records from leading sources of business information.  

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