How did you get my Information?

Receiving a cold email/inmail from a recruiter to a work email is one thing, but getting an email to my personal account or call on my cell/direct number is completely different!  Although we are living in an age where people are getting used to their contacts being discover-able, every now and then, a candidate will ask the question "how did you get my information?"

The quick answer can always be "I got it from a proprietary database". Or you can always take the flattery approach with one of the responses below.

We ran a quick survey across our recruiters network on how they respond to this question. Here are the best five responses we heard:

  • "I worked really hard to get it"
  • "I really wanted to talk to you, and I searched for it all over the place"
  • "You are more popular than you give yourself credit for"
  • "You have been on our radar screen for a while"
  • "We know how to get hold of our best candidates"