How do Enrichment & Email Credits Work?

The team receives a certain amount of credits to use per year. Since we operate on team based licenses the team will receive a single pool of credits to pull from.

Enrichment Credit - Unlocking contact information on a candidate profile

Email Credit - Every email sent through the ENGAGE system is equal to 1 credit

Candidate Profile-Action Buttons

You can only enrich a candidate 1 time, this will unlock the contact information for all members of your team for the length of your time with ENGAGE.

You can use several email credits on a candidate, each time you choose to email a candidate, this will take 1 credit. If you email a list of candidates, this will take 1 credit per candidate emailed, not per email a candidate has on their profile.

bulk email-1

For example, if I email this list of X candidates, it will take X credits, regardless if a candidate has multiples emails.

You can use an enrichment credit without emailing the candidate (to get a phone number for example) and you are able to email a candidate without enriching first.

If you have questions about your credit package or when you will get more credits, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or