Candidate Watchlists - The Benefits and How to Build Them

Benefits of Candidate Watchlists

  • Pipeline notable candidate profiles
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk Enrich
  • Export Candidate Information
  • Candidate Alerts - Notifications any time a candidates ENGAGEment score changes

Candidate Alerts

How to Build a Candidate Watchlist

1. Adding a candidate to a list from the profile:

  • Select the "+" button in the top section of the candidate profile
  • Type the list name (If you want to create a new list, just toggle to the "Create new list" option)

2. Adding Candidates to Watchlist in Bulk from "List" on Talent Discovery

  • Select the entire page of candidates in "Talent Discovery"
  • Then under "# Selected" click "Add to List"

3. Create candidate list by "Saving" candidates in "Projects"

  • Save your Search as a "Project" in the top right hand corner
  • Name your project and select "create"
  • Then start vetting candidate profiles selecting the Thumbs Up icon to "save" candidates
  • All of your "saved" candidates will then convert into a candidate watchlist with a tag that states "project". You may also, load the project from the candidate watchlist section.


If you have any further questions about candidate watchlists, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact