The Chrome Extension

The chrome extension seamlessly connects your workflow by overlaying the ENGAGE profile right on top of a LinkedIn profile or company web page.

The chrome extension provides you information like Engagement score, ENGAGE Me profile, Compensation estimates, key talking points and subject lines to use in outreach, and the ability to email the candidate straight from the extension.

To use the Extension:

Once you have found a candidate profile on LinkedIn, simply select the "A" icon next to the web address in your browser.

This will then scan ENGAGE to find a matching profile and lay it right on top of the LinkedIn profile.

ENGAGE extension

To download the chrome extension please click on the link below and follow the steps to download to your Chrome browser.

To download the Chrome extension, click here.

Downloading Chrome Extension

1. Select Add to Chrome

2. Select "Add Extension"

3. Click on the "A" icon on the browser window

4. Log in to the extension using your ENGAGE log in credentials.

Once you have logged in once, you will always be logged in to the extension.

**the extension is only compatible with the Chrome Browser