How to Email in Bulk

Bulk email multiple candidates in one swift action by adding them to a Candidate Watchlist.

Once they have been added to a list - access the list by clicking into the "Candidate Watchlist" section on the action bar to the left.

Action bar - Candidate Watchlist

Once you have selected the candidate watchlist you wish to email, you will see the option to "Email All" at the top.

bulk email

Select the "Email All" button and a pop up will appear. Select yes, to confirm you wish to send an email to all candidates on the list.

Email All notifcation

Once you have selected "yes", a screen will appear for you to construct an email or add a template from your library.

Bulk Email Template

You may choose to send to all emails, personal or work emails only. You also have the option to exclude recently contacted candidates from the email blast.