How to save a search and load previously saved searches

You have an awesome search that yields quality candidates that you want to come back to at a later date....but how?

Saving a Search:

You may save a candidate search by opening the "Search Options" where you will find the option to "Save as New" (Highlighted Below).

Saved Search highlighted

Once you select "Save as New", you will be prompted to enter a name for the search. Once you have entered the name, click save.

Saved Search - title field

Loading a Previously Saved Search:

There are two different ways to load a previously saved search.

  1. Loading a previously saved search starting on the Candidate Search page:
  • Expand "Search Options" where you will find the option to "Load Search" (Highlighted below).
Load Search highlighted
  • Select "Load Search" and a list view will pop up of all your saved searches. Select the search you wish to load from the drop down.
Load Saved Search - title
  • Once you have selected your search, click "Load" and your search will load into the appropraite filters on the candidate search page.
Load Saved Search - select Load

2. Loading previously saved searches from the "Saved Searches" section on the action bar

Saved Searches Action Bar
  • Find the search from the list view that you wish to load. Then expand the "Quick Actions" section to the far right of the line. You will see "Load Search". Once you click the option you will be taken back to the candidate search screen where all the appropriate filters will load.
Loading Saved Search from Quick actions