Personal Dashboard

The personal dashboard provides analytics of your personal usage. This dashboard is only accessible to the user.

To access the personal dashboard:

  • Select "Personal" under "Dashboards" on the action bar to the left of your screen
Action bar - personal dashboard

What analytics does the "Personal Dashboard" provide?

  1. Highlighted display of usage
personal dashboard email open rate
  • You are able to view the specific activity in the each section by clicking on the section to expand further.

2. Heat map showing the geographic locations of your most watched companies

Target Companies Graphic

3. Block diagram illustrating your most watched industries

most watched industries graphic

All analytics can be exported by clicking the three dots in the top left corner of each section. You may choose to download as an image, CSV file, PDF or excel document.

If you have any further questions about the personal dashboard analytics please reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly.