What is the ENGAGE ME™ Profile?

ENGAGE’s Recruitment Marketing Engine (ENGAGE ME™)

“This is how you can attract this candidate to a new opportunity”

  • Providing insights on how to best ENGAGE the candidate in a conversation about a new job
  • Measures 5 key areas related to voluntary turnover and their potential to resonate with the candidate
engage me 3

Company Resilience (e.g., sell adaptability)

Strong Leadership (e.g., sell reliable and trustworthy management)

Positive Environment (e.g., sell a fun culture or great work life balance)

Business Stability (e.g., sell long term stability)

Growth Opportunity (e.g., sell an opportunity to learn and grow)

The area with the largest piece is likely to be what they will be looking for most in their next career opportunity. Marketing to that area may help you increase response rates and engage that candidate in a conversation!

  • Green is a highly marketable area
  • Blue is average marketability
  • Orange means that area is unlikely to weigh heavily on their decision

Use some of the example subject lines, key terms and talking points to craft a targeted message using the ENGAGE ME™ profile.

For example: If I were reaching out to Joe, I would want to focus on Business Stability and Company Resilience because those areas are what he will probably be looking for in his next opportunity.

ENGAGE ME email example