What is the ENGAGEment Score?

ENGAGEment Score is a predictive assessment of the likelihood that a candidate will respond to a career change discussion. It is based on hundreds of data points about the candidate's own career and recent changes; recent events in their company and similar companies; and macro indicators based on their industry.  Unlike other solutions that rely on lagging indicators like activity on social sites to predict someone’s likelihood to move, ENGAGE is looking at leading indicators of voluntary turnover so that you get in front of talent first, with the right message based on what’s impacting them in real-time.

Our understanding of those leading indicators is based on decades of academic research. We have discovered that individuals are more likely to make a voluntary job change based on specific triggers weighted within our scoring tat traditionally fall within the four sections outlines below:

Model - Involuntary Turnover

An ENGAGEment score is applied to each candidates profile daily and is used to determine when it would the best time to reach out to a candidate. The scores range from Least Likely - Most Likely to engage with a recruiter.

Engagement score break down

* While the ENGAGEment score is helpful in prioritizing which candidates to reach out to, don't count out the lower scored candidates. They just may take a few more touches to get a response.