Breaking Down the Basics of AI-Powered Recruiting 

Your go-to guide to help navigate through the basics of AI-powered recruiting and how it can help you take your recruiting initiatives to the next level. 


Top Three Tips to Boost Your Recruiting Strategy

Learn how you can move past the traditional method of "post and pray" to fill open positions. 



ENGAGE Talent Intelligence

The first talent engine to analyze over a billion data points a month to fully map the complex relationship between people, roles, companies, and their dynamic markets empowering companies to see a rich picture of passive candidates and the insights needed to retain key talent.


Casting for Candidates

Download our infographic that explores why recruiters need to stop using the same recruiter-saturated pond of social media and job boards to locate, recruit, and hire candidates. 


Mastering Talent Flow 

Given today’s recruiting landscape, talent flow intelligence is a must-have for any HR talent strategy. In this infographic, we explore six business-critical questions that can be answered using talent flow insights.


Searching for Candidates

Buckle up! Your search for quality candidates is about to get much worse. Download our infographic that explores three tips on how to best engage, recruit, and retain valuable talent. 


Future of Recruiting: A Look Inside ENGAGE Talent 

Watch Mike “Batman” Cohen, the founder of Wayne Technologies, discuss the features and benefits of ENGAGE Talent. 


A Recruiting Leader's Guide to AI-Powered Recruiting

Learn how modern recruiters are using AI to discover new candidates and increase engagement and response rates.


Top 5 Recruiting Challenges in 2018 and How to Solve Them

Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals face challenges today that they have never experienced in the world of recruiting. Learn how AI can help solve these challenges.


America's Tightest Job Market for Tech Workers (2018)

We studied IT job market trends, voluntary turnover, and indicators that help us refine our data science and algorithms. Learn which cities have the tightest market for tech workers.


Top Supply & Tenure Trends for Business-Critical Talent (2018)

Check out the results for your own talent pipeline planning and strategic recruiting practices in this FREE report.


How AI can Predict Talent Retention Risk - A Case Study about Tesla

Download our analysis of Talent Retention Risk and how it impacted Tesla.